One cannot achieve an aim
unless he has
a method

NCC is a vertically integrated production house with the necessary infrastructure to process the yarn to a finished garment. The company houses "state-of-the-art" machineries and latest technologies to achieve an effective production of 50,000 Units / day in garments. It also has a fabric processing capability of 10 Tonnes /day. The shop floors are ergonomically designed, complying with the assembly line production methods.

Every process, right from the procurement till packing, is meticulously planned and executed until it reaches the customer. Process enhancement is an ongoing and diligent exercise in NCC, with a keen eye on the Industrial and Value engineering concepts. Also, NCC runs on SAP, making all its processes accountable and analyzable. Every customer of NCC enjoys the value addition it offers in every product that it delivers through the supply chain.

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